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During 2015 SCAN remained steadfast in our mission to promote the well-being of children, improve parent-child relations and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Through new initiatives such as Operation Safe Babies, our
continued dedication to CASA, and our increasing outreach of parenting classes and workshops, we are making sure that EVERY CHILD in Northern Virginia will grow up in a safe, stable, nurturing family, with the supports they need to contribute to stronger communities today and as adults tomorrow. SCANAnnualReport_2015_page1

SCAN is privileged to have friends like you that are also looking out for EVERY CHILD. The work you do in supporting children and families is critical to keeping children safe and nurturing their growth and development.

As we look to 2016, with your help, SCAN will:

  • launch new programming that supports our Kids Need Connections community education campaign for child abuse prevention,
  • add to the over 1,000 adults trained in the prevention of child sexual abuse, to recognize the signs, and to react in a responsible way to prevent or intervene in abuse or suspected abuse, and
  • provide our communities with the tools they need to advocate for children at all levels.

We express our sincerest gratitude: for every blog post read, email answered, hour given, thought written, or word spoken on behalf of SCAN.

“Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.”   ~  Rita Pierson

Thank you!

– Tracy Leonard, Public Education Manager


(We invite you to read our 2015 Annual Report and make a year-end donation to SCAN here.)

Top10_2015More than 800 people follow SCAN’s blog, and many more connect with the blog via social media and email. We love to know what our readers are most interested in, so we took a quick look at SCAN’s most-read blog posts over the past year. Here are they are! Our Top 10 blog posts of 2015:

  1. Josh Duggar, Our Reactions, and What We Should Really Be Doing if We’re Serious About Prevention

  2. It Can Start With Just One Room: The Carol Cleary Community Training Room

  3. An Update from Richmond: Children, Families and an Update from the Virginia General Assembly

  4. What is Trauma-Informed Practice?

  5. Heroes Among Us: 2015 Allies in Prevention Award Winners

  6. Child Trafficking is Happening in Our Community: Do YOU Know How to Stop It?

  7. Without Investment We Leave Vulnerable Children — and Our Community — At Risk

  8. We All Believe in Children: How Faith Groups and Human Service Organizations Can Connect (and Why We Need to Make It Happen)

  9. A New Volunteer‘s Beautiful Perspective

  10. Celebrating 30 Years of CASA in Virginia

Were any of these your favorite? We’d love to know!

As we gear up for our next special event on Monday (our 17th Annual Tee-Off for Children & Families Golf Tournament) we thought it was the perfect time to share some of the favorite photos from our most recent event–Croquet Day! Its success raising more than $30,000 on May 18th has been covered by local media here, here and here, and we’re so grateful that so many (over 200+) friends made it all possible. Enjoy the pics…and stay tuned for Golf Tournament photos next week on our Facebook page here!

Photo May 18, 1 59 52 PM                        IMG_6684-2525604023-O  IMG_6705-2525605278-O IMG_6706-2525605392-O IMG_6788-2525612051-OIMG_6695-2525604264-O IMG_6767-2525610139-O IMG_6763-2525609849-O IMG_6758-2525609616-O IMG_6755-2525609572-O IMG_6753-2525609193-O IMG_6747-2525608699-O IMG_6718-2525606573-O IMG_6709-2525605648-O IMG_6700-2525604800-O IMG_6672-2525602910-O IMG_6663-2525602671-O CIMG4983-2526120708-O CIMG4981-2526120765-O CIMG4979-2526121112-O CIMG4978-2526121482-O CIMG4977-2526121366-O CIMG4971-2526122476-O CIMG4947-2526125810-O CIMG4941-2526126658-O CIMG4933-2526127651-O CIMG4927-2526128668-O

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SCAN works to build hope for children and families in Northern Virginia. This blog brings child welfare professionals the current trends and valuable resources that will support their work to prevent child abuse and strengthen families in Northern Virginia and beyond.



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